Beautiful, durable soapstone is a great choice for hardworking kitchens, outdoor areas, and laundry rooms alike.

Natural, durable, and beautiful...

Sophisticated soapstone is the material of choice for a durable and hardworking natural surface that is virtually maintenance free. It’s a beautiful choice for both sleek and modern environments, or in historic or traditional settings. Consider this smooth, gray-to-black stone with blue or green undertones for kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, and bathroom surfaces. Because it stands up to weather as well as bacteria, soapstone is also a great choice for outdoor kitchens.


A popular choice for a modern, durable surface that's easy to maintain.


Engineered surface similar to Quartz that's durable and available in many colors.


Classic, dramatic, and sophistocated. Adds warmth to any room.


Durable and hardworking natural surface that is virtually maintenance free.

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